Intel's Latest Ultrabook Promo Video, the Deconstruction

The company shows what experiences can come to life with one

Few products have been released over the past week, due to the Chinese Lunar New Year and the apparent lethargy that has spread to the rest of the world.

In order to liven up the times a bit, Intel has posted its newest ultrabook promo video.

The “Deconstruction of an Ultrabook” flick doesn't promote a specific device, but rather the product type in general.

It shows what can be achieved and enjoyed on these ultrathin mobile personal computers through 3D animations and squiggly lines. And plastic birds apparently.

It also shows a laptop going through all the form factors on the market, from the normal laptop shape to convertible, with 360-degree hinge or easel-like frame.

Knowing that most ultrabooks will have touch support, there is no question as to whether or not there will be demand. Still, we can't see the video impacting consumer interest much.

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