Intel’s 2015 and 2016 CPUs Are Skylake and Skymont

Skylake promises to deliver where Larrabee has failed

In the years to come Intel will go ahead with developing chips using its “tick-tock” model that was adopted by the company more than four years ago and the 2015 and 2016 processors to be revealed as the results of this strategy will be known as Skylake and Skymont.

In Intel’s development model, each “tick” represents a shrinking of the process technology used for the previous CPU microarchitecture, while the “tock” represents the introduction of a new arch.

Each year, Intel plans to release both a “tick” and a “tock,” and this strategy was designed in order to give the chip giant enough time to perfect its process technology before using it for a new arch.

According to Bright Side of News, in 2015 Intel’s “tock” will be represented by the Skylake architecture that will use the same 14nm fabrication technology as that introduced with Broadwell in 2014.

Given the release date of these chips, not so much info is available right now about Skylake apart from the fact that it will utilize a new CPU and GPU core, but we do know that with this arch Intel plans to fix what it failed to do with Larrabee.

We are referring here to bringing DirectX (maybe DX 12) support straight through the CPU pipeline.

After Skylake is completed, Intel will turn its attention towards the Skymont core which will be an 11nm “tock,” a die-shrink and a component refresh scheduled to come out in mid-2016 as BSN reports.

Of course that Intel could actually modify its plans until these two architectures are ready for launch, so it goes without saying that quite a few surprises could come our way in these next few years.

One thing seems to be certain however. This roadmap clearly shows that Intel is determined to remain the leader in chip manufacturing technology and has no plans in slowing down its rush to the 11nm node.

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