Intel and LSI Give Raid Cards 1 TB of Cache Memory

With this, RAID setups of SSDs and HDDs will work a lot better

For anyone unfamiliar with Nytro MegaRAID PCI Express cards, they are PCI Express boards that bring together multiple storage units into RAID setups.

Basically, they are an alternative to SSD-only arrays or over-provisioned direct attached HDD environments, a cheaper one.

Since cache memory matters a lot in the performance of such arrays, Intel and LSI worked together to build Nytro MegaRAID PCIe cards with 512 GB cache and even 1 TB cache, all supplied by SLC NAND Flash chips.

Seeing as how even a 100 GB SLC card needs a payment of $1,795, we can only wonder how much the 1 TB beast will cost.

RCS25ZB040LX is the Intel cache controller that actually manages the 1 TB flash storage. It can configure up to 128 devices in RAID 0, 1 ,5, 6, 10, 50 or 60.

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