Intel Will Announce the Details of Its New Desktop Processor

On August 23

Five years after Pentium 4 was launched, Intel will present the details on the next desktop processor during the IDF conference, which will take place in San Francisco on August 23.

According to Intel's spokesman, Bill Calder, the details on the new processor will be presented by Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO.

Bill Calder didn't want to reveal other details regarding the performances and the design of the new processor, which hasn't been dubbed yet by Intel. There have been rumors saying that it will be called Pentium 5, but Intel hasn't confirmed them.

Analysts claim that the new processor will be inspired from the current line of Pentium M processors. The people behind the new desktop CPU are Sean Maloney and Dadi Perlmutter, who are also the creators of Pentium M.

Intel is aiming at designing a desktop processor that has low power consumption and requires a simple cooling solution. Processor experts estimate that Intel will adopt the 64 bit technology and that new processor will be dual-core.

In the same time, Intel has to take into account the requests of major PC producers, such as Dell or HP, which need a processor that would allow them to design slim-type desktops.

Aside from these factors, Intel's new processor has to be able to withstand the competition coming from AMD, whose Opteron solution is extremely popular on the server segment. So far, Intel has only increased the speed of its processors, maintaining the same architecture adopted by Pentium 4.

Although there was no confirmation from Intel, it seems that new processor will use 65 nanometer technology, instead of the 90 nanometer one.

It is expected that the new processor will be launched towards mid 2006.

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