Intel: We Will Begin Mass Producing 14nm Broadwell CPUs This Year (2013)

The fifth-generation Broadwell CPUs will sell in 2014

The details on the Broadwell and Haswell central processing units from Intel were exposed in late December 2012, but the estimated time of arrival of the former wasn't expanded upon.

We've known for some time that sales will begin at some point in 2014, but Expreview has uncovered some specifics.

Basically, while sales will, indeed, only start next year, mass production will begin this year.

The fifth-generation Core CPUs will be designed on the 14 nm node. A fair jump from 22nm, but one that Intel isn't about to shy away from.

Intel might even ship some engineering samples before the fourth quarter is out.

The facilities that will manufacture the processors are located in Oregon, Arizona and Ireland.

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