Intel Wants to Plug Smartphones into Our Brains

This is the company’s way to distract us from the Medfield mess

Microprocessor giant Intel is reportedly planning for a world in which all our brains are connected to smartphones and we “benefit” while they profit.

It's just a white paper, but the author's future world frightfully resembles the Star Trek Borg:

"With thoughts able to be delivered seamlessly to the cloud and data projected in real time onto our vision ... our bodies and minds will become the devices with all of the associated benefits," said the paper's authors.

After the Medfield mess of last week, when Intel’s latest and greatest Atom CPU was launched somewhat successfully, Intel is now stirring up the news with lots of unrelated topics.

Intel’s problem is the fact that its most modern, cooler and power efficient CPU, which appeared to be able to hold its own in the face of last year’s phone competition, has just been trounced by the new ARM players launched this spring.

We’re talking about the quad core Exynos 4 CPU from Samsung and Qualcomm’s Krait. These are members of ARM’s A15 architecture family and they effectively destroyed any chance for Medfield to show competing performance or power consumption.

With no other thing left to support the good impression Medfield left us last week, Intel is now talking about wiring its future mobile chips directly into our brains.

Let’s hope we won’t get disconnected when we forget to pay our phone bill.

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