Intel Valleyview Atom SoC Clocks Revealed

There still seems to be no consumer chip in sight, alas

We learned about the Intel Valleyview system-on-chip devices not long ago, and then even ran upon some early details, but now we actually get to see some of the specifications.

There is still no indication that the Santa Clara, California-based company will launch a consumer-grade version of Valleyview.

Still, we'll continue to hope that is the case, much like our peers from VR-Zone.

Speaking of which, it is them that just brought out some more info on the processor series.

The standard SKU (stock-keeping unit) will work at up to 1.9 GHz and will have four cores, while the TDP is of around 10W. The graphics core will work at 667 MHz.

In other words, the x86 part of the chip will be as fast as the Atom D2700, but the graphics will be faster, albeit half as good as the Ivy Bridge one.

There will also be an SKU for battery-powered devices, at 1.5 GHz, and two cores. Its TDP will be 3W, less than that of the Atom N2600, although the graphics speed will be a modest 350 MHz (50 Mhz slower).

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