Intel Updates Bay Trail-M SoC/CPU Price List with Three Models

There are two new Celeron chips and one Pentium in the series now

Often, Intel's “Trail” generations of processing units get marketed under the Atom brand name. However, unlike Clover Trail and Cedar Trail, or even Pine Trail, the Bay Trail / Bay Trail-M series includes a fair few Celeron and Pentium chips as well, three of which have only just surfaced.

And they aren't all central processing units. Indeed, one might say that the Bay Trail line, or at least the Bay Trail-M collection, is composed primarily of SoCs instead.

SoCs (system-on-chip devices) integrate more of the chipset features than even the latest CPUs and are meant to power tablets and other mobile gadgets, or embedded systems and the like.

They also turn up fairly often in mini-ITX or the occasional micro-ATX entry-level motherboard, which are used in HTPCs and other small computers, like in digital signage or point-of-sale (where the line between computer and embedded computer becomes blurred).

The Bay Trail-M line of SoCs is still incomplete, but new processors are added to it, to the price list as it were, fairly regularly.

The latest to show up there are the Celeron N2830, Celeron N2930, and Pentium 3530.

Truth be told, Celeron N2830 made it to the list last week, and only the other two showed up since past Sunday (March 2, 2014).

Celeron N2830 is a dual-core unit with 1 MB L3 cache memory and a clock of 2.16 GHz, plus a Turbo Boost technology that pushes the frequency to 2.41 GHz.

N2830 also boasts Newer Core Stepping, support for DDR3L-1333 memory, and Quick Sync Technology enabled, which lets you create, edit, synchronize, and share videos without hardcore hardware.

The second Celeron chip, N2930, is a quad-core processor with 2MB cache and 1.83 GHz and 2.16 GHz clocks, making the max burst clock difference of 160 Mhz compared to the N2920 (the predecessor), which is a lot for the Celeron line.

Finally, the Pentium N3530, also a quad-core, is a 2.16 GHz / 2.58 GHz SoC with 2 MB cache.

All three additions have 7.5W TDPs and prices of $107 / €107. Well, the Celerons do anyway. The price of the Pentium is still unknown, which is weird because this is the price list we're talking about.

We won't be surprised if companies like MSI, ASUS, ASRock and others release small form factor motherboards bearing either one of these new chips at some point in the near future. That is what these SoCs are made for after all.

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