Intel StudyBook Tablet Shipments Agonizingly Low

The company's new expectations are half the initial ones

We admit to having felt some skepticism when Intel revealed its StudyBook, and it looks like our reservations proved to be founded.

There were several reasons: while the idea of having both Windows and Android installed, Windows 7 was never much good for tablets, and the Atom Z650 processor was fairly bland as well.

The tablet also aimed at a very specific niche consumer segment, one that hadn't, and still hasn't, warmed up to the idea of electronic slates.

That is why, even though Intel initially set a goal of 3-4 million shipments for 2012, it is said to have reduced the forecast to 1.6-2 million at most.

Had the Chinese and Indian governments made orders as Intel hoped, things would have turned out differently, but the point is moot now. High prices don't really help matters either.

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