Intel Stops Making 40 GB and 80 GB SSD 310 Drives

Orders can still be placed until May 9, 2013, but they cannot be canceled afterwards

Intel isn't only scrapping central processing units. While the news that 28 CPUs would go extinct definitely overshadows many other pieces of info, it isn't enough to completely distract us from the impending death of a certain set of products.

According to new product change notices, some SSD 310 Series drives will reach the end of their lives this year as well (2013).

The units in question are the 40 GB and 80 GB models.

While orders can still be placed, the offer will only stay in place until May 9, after which no requests will be possible to cancel. Shipments will continue until August 07.

Intel has released 180 GB SSD 335 and new mSATA SSD 525 drives, so it won't be backing out of the market like it did on the mainboard segment.

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