Intel Starts Building a 14nm Chips Factory

The fab will be complete in two years, give or take

Unlike other companies on the IT market, Intel makes its own processors, which means it has quite a few factories working all the time.

According to a rumor from Digitimes, Intel has begun the process of upgrading some factories.

The D1X Fab in Oregon, Fab 42 in Arizona, in the US, and Fab 24 in Ireland, will gain the ability to make 18-inch wafers of 14nm processors.

The upgrades will be finished in about two years.

The rumor fits previous information about the Broadwell CPU line and how it will be available around 2014-2015.

After 14nm, Intel will focus on 10nm, then 7nm and 5nm. Moore's Law, which says that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years, should stay strong for at least 10 more years at this rate.

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