Intel Shares Its 22nm Chip Technology with Achronix

Even though Intel usually keeps its technologies to itself, it seems like it will start to manufacture a certain other company's processors starting next year, those of Acronix Semiconductor to be exact.

Sometime next year, Intel will start to put its 22nm manufacturing process to good use at making new chips.

Said process will supposedly end up being used in the next generation of CPUs, such as the recently reported Chief River platform.

However, unlike what Intel has done so far, at least for the most part, it seems that the Santa Clara, California-based company may or may not change policies somewhat starting next year.

Apparently, a certain company known as Achronix Semiconductor has been designing what it calls the Speedster22i FPGA family of processors.

These chips will be aimed at such applications as networking and telecommunications on both the consumer and industrial markets.

Now, it seems that said chips will be built on the very same 22nm manufacturing process technology that Intel is about to finalize.

This means that the chip giant's technology will be at the basis of 100G, 400G Ethernet connection as well as LTE mobile communications.

"Intel has the best process technology in the world and we are privileged to have formed this strategic relationship, which enables simultaneous improvements in speed, power, density and cost," said John Lofton Holt, CEO of Achronix.

"The combination of the advanced 22nm process from Intel and the advanced FPGA technology from Achronix enables Speedster22i to eclipse other FPGA solutions expected to hit the market in the next few years," Holt added.

“Intel’s manufacturing strengths and lead in process technology offers leadership cost, performance and power efficiency benefits, giving Intel and our manufacturing customers such as Achronix an opportunity to design products with superior capabilities,” said Sunit Rikhi, vice president, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel.

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