Intel Sells Apps at a Discount in Extended Cyber Monday

Intel AppUp center has some special offers that will last until December 2

Black Friday may be the day of all around discounts, but Cyber Monday is when software and, though this is true to some extent about Black Friday as well, hardware go on sale at lower prices.

Intel is taking a more proactive approach than others. Its AppUp center is a somewhat young app store, but it is still an app store.

Thus, Chipzilla has decided to sell some apps there for less than usual, some by 30% less even.

Snagit 11 is one example, System mechanic is another ($19.95 / 19.95 Euro) and Movie Studio 11 is another ($19.99 / 19.99 Euro).

Normally, this would only be for a day, but Intel has decided to keep the offers open until December 2.

This may the best news yet for those who didn't bother participating in the sort of brawls that inevitably occurred on Black Friday mornings in Walmart and other supermarkets. It gives them a chance to get some good deals without even leaving the house.

We'll keep our eyes open for other Cyber Monday bargains.

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