Intel Seeks a Hero to Save the PC Market, Finds Windows 8

The new Microsoft OS is seen as one of the heroes to save the collapsing PC market

Just like many other hardware manufacturers, Intel hopes that Windows 8 has the power to revive the collapsing PC market when it goes on sale on October 26.

This isn’t the first time, however, when Windows 8 is seen as one of the leading heroes for a rather slow new computer demand, as several other hardware companies expect a significant surge this month as consumers get ready for the new operating system.

Intel for example registered a $2.97 billion profit for the third quarter of the year, as compared to $3.47 billion in the same quarter last year, CDRinfo writes.

That’s why Windows 8 is considered a breath of fresh air for the entire computer industry, although some analysts have warned that Microsoft’s operating system could fail to impress.

The Redmond-based technology company however expects Windows 8 to sell millions of copies in the first months of availability before eventually reaching record numbers in 2013.

No less than 400 million Windows 8 devices are expected to be sold in the next 9 months, a company executive said, with the new operating system “very likely” to provide access to a total of 100,000 apps.

“When Windows 8 goes live on October 26, the [size of the market] is [over] 1 billion consumers. Our goal … is conservatively over 400 million units in the marketplace by July 1,” Microsoft vice president Keith Lorizio said in an interview with Beet.TV.

Windows 8 will be officially released next week and will go on sale on October 26. A preorder program is already available and you can find more about it by clicking here.

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