Intel Scraps a Dozen Sandy Bridge CPUs

Twelve processors will be out of the market, more or less, by the end of July

Since Ivy Bridge itself is about to be replaced by its successor, chips two generations old are obsolete, although some, like the Core i3-2348M will continue to sell for select market segments.

Intel sent out notifications over the past few days, in which it revealed that a number of mobile processors, as well as a few desktop chips, would stop selling completely by the end of July 2013.

That is to say, orders for them will no longer be accepted after that time.

Shipments will still carry out though, until January 14, 2014, depending on how large the last orders are, and when customers want them.

The more relevant items in the list of dying CPUs are as follows: Core i7-2960XM, i7-2860QM, i5-2557M, i7-2637M, and Celeron B710, and 857.

The tables in the gallery below have more information.


Intel's soon-to-be-dead CPUs (3 Images)

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