Intel Releases Six New Celeron and Pentium CPUs

They should fill in for the 22nm CPUs that haven't been brought out yet

We wrote about the DDR4-Supporting 160W Haswell-EP CPUs and now we are bringing you information about something closer to home.

Intel has released two new Celeron processors and four Pentium central processing units, all powered by the Sandy Bridge micro-architecture.

The former have two cores and 2 MB L3 cache memory. They are called Celeron G540T and Celeron G550.

G540T runs at 2.1 GHz and needs 35W of energy. It is priced at $42 / 33 Euro. G550T is a 65W part at 2.6 GHz and $52 / 41 Euro.

Meanwhile, the Pentium units are also dual-core models, but they have 3 MB cache memory.

Pentium G870 would be the strongest, at 65W TDP, 3.1 GHz clock and $86 / 69 Euro price.

Pentium G640 ($64 / 51 Euro) follows, at 2.8 GHz and 65W TDP. The G640T sells for the same price, but it has a clock speed of 2.4 GHz and the wattage of 35W.

Finally, the Pentium G860T is a 2.6 GHz part with 35W TDP and $75 / 60 Euro price.

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