Intel Readies X99 Chipset for High-End Desktops

The LGA 2011 HEDT platform will be revealed at Computex 2013

Since the Haswell CPU series is going to debut this year, a new high-end desktop platform is bound to be released as well.

According to TweakTown, the chipset used for superpowered motherboards will be called Intel X99 and will support chips made for the LGA 2011 socket.

X99 hasn't been confirmed, but it makes sense for it to bear that name if it is to replace the X79 currently found on large and strong mainboards.

It will be out just in time too. The Sandy Bridge-E CPUs are about to be replaced by Ivy Bridge-E after all.

For those confused, the HEDT platform seems to be one generation behind. Sandy Bridge-E is to Ivy Bridge what Ivy Bridge-E will be to Haswell and so on.

Some motherboard makers might preview X99 motherboards sooner, during CeBIT 2013 (March 05-09).

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