Intel Quietly Launches Pentium G632 Upgradeable Processor

Can be upgraded by purchasing special cards available from Intel

Earlier this week, Intel added a new series of processors built on the Sandy Bridge architecture to its ever-growing product portfolio, one of the most interesting chips to make its arrival being the upgradeable Pentium G632.

Intel hasn't announced this processor officially, but the CPU-World publication managed to find it among other chips listed on the company's ARK database.

Compared to other Pentium CPUs based on the Sandy Bridge architecture that were launched by Intel until now, the G632 is a bit more special as this is an upgradeable processor.

What this means is that by purchasing a special upgrade card from the Santa Clara-based chip giant, users can unlock a series of features such as extra cache or advanced CPU features.

Sadly, the product page doesn't specify what improvements will be brought to the chip once the upgrade process is complete.

As far as its specifications are concerned, this resembles most of the other newly released Pentium CPUs and includes two computing cores that are clocked at 2.7GHz.

These are accompanied by 3MB of fast Level 3 cache memory, and by an Intel HD graphics unit with a base clock of 850MHz and a maximum Turbo frequency of 1100MHz.

The rest of the processors specifications include SSE4 and Intel 64 instructions support, VT-x virtualization support, and a DDR3-1066 dual-channel memory controller. TDP is set at the usual 65W.

No information regarding the price of this processor is available at this time, but most probably this will be confined to the OEM space.

Intel launched its first upgradeable processor a little bit more than a year ago and this was known as the Pentium G6951. Its presence was limited to a small number of systems such as the Gateway SX2841, and users had the option of unlocking Hyper-Threading support as well as some of the disabled Level 3 cache memory.

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