Intel Pentium B987 Will Arrive in Q3, 2012

The dual-core chip will be available in ball grid array package

Intel's Core series of central processing units is getting all of the attention, but there are other chips in the works, one of which will arrive in the third quarter of the year (2012).

In other words, we may see a new CPU within a couple of weeks (July), unless the Santa Clara, California-based chip giant chooses a later date.

Anyway, the chip, as reported by CPU World, is a Pentium device with full name Pentium 987.

As a dual-core, it possesses 2 MB of L3 cache memory, HD graphics and a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Also, the memory controller handles DDR3-1333 RAM.

The integrated GPU will work at 350 MHz, but could jump all the way to 1 GHz if required.

All these features, along with AES encryption, Hyper-Threading and VT-x virtualization, function on just 17W of energy (Pentium 987 is a mobile CPU). No price is known yet.

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