Intel Pentium 2127U CPU Released for Ultrabooks

It is a dual-core Ivy Bridge processor with HD graphics

By on June 17th, 2013 12:06 GMT

One would think that with Haswell out, Intel would be done with the Ivy Bridge architecture, or would at least put it on hold for a while, but this is not happening.

In fact, it was just a short time ago that the Ivy Bridge Pentium 2127U microprocessor came out.

It is a dual-core unit with a clock speed of 1.9 GHz, which is just a bit higher than the performance of the 2117U SKU.

One might argue that is a low performance, and that 2 MB of L3 cache memory and simple HD graphics (regardless of the 1.1 GHz max speed) would support that complaint.

But then you notice the U at the end, which says this is a processor that value energy efficiency over raw horsepower.

Sure enough, the TDP (thermal design power) is of 17 Watts. The price is of $134 / €134.


Intel releases low-power IB CPU
   Intel releases low-power IB CPU