Intel Pentium 2127U CPU Released for Ultrabooks

It is a dual-core Ivy Bridge processor with HD graphics

One would think that with Haswell out, Intel would be done with the Ivy Bridge architecture, or would at least put it on hold for a while, but this is not happening.

In fact, it was just a short time ago that the Ivy Bridge Pentium 2127U microprocessor came out.

It is a dual-core unit with a clock speed of 1.9 GHz, which is just a bit higher than the performance of the 2117U SKU.

One might argue that is a low performance, and that 2 MB of L3 cache memory and simple HD graphics (regardless of the 1.1 GHz max speed) would support that complaint.

But then you notice the U at the end, which says this is a processor that value energy efficiency over raw horsepower.

Sure enough, the TDP (thermal design power) is of 17 Watts. The price is of $134 / €134.

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