Intel Opens MeeGo-Focused Software Research Center in Romania

Although Intel's mainly known as a silicon, hardware and platform manufacturer, the truth of the matter is that they're also extremely actively involved in software development, their latest move in this direction being the opening of a brand-new software research center in Bucharest, Romania.

As the chip manufacturer informed us, the Intel Romania Software Development Center represents a multi-million Euro investment for the Intel Software and Services Group, some recent examples of Intel software innovation attained by the group including the Intel AppUp Center and Intel’s leadership in the MeeGo project.

The Intel Romania Software Development Center will focus on software solutions needed to create the best possible user experiences on a variety of Intel architecture based smart devices including smart phones and other common devices like smart TVs or in-vehicle infotainment systems.

The center will initially conduct R&D for the MeeGo open source platform which provides great flexibility for smart devices and software developers.

Intel's already present on the Romanian market directly since 2005, when it first opened a permanent office here, and the company has actually already invested in a couple of large software companies in Romania, SIVECO probably being the best-known one.

However, Intel's officials attending the launch event really wanted to point out that one of the main reasons why they've chosen this particular site for the development center was the strong WindRiver presence on the Romanian market (an 150-people team located in the Romania city of Galati).

Another important reason why Intel favored the Bucharest site (compared to some of the other competing locations) was the proximity both to some of Intel's most important partners, as well as a very strong IT academic environment (after all, Romania's quite well known for “bleeding” IT brain-power towards every corner of the world over the past couple of years).

The company also provided some preliminary info regarding the center itself, which will have an initial staff of around 24-25 people, the number being expected to increase three-fold in a rather short period of time.

However, they haven't yet filled all the available positions, so if you're a skilled programmer or manager living in Romania, look Intel up, they might have a job for you.


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