Intel NUC Gets New and Colorful Clothes from Abee

A wide line of replacement cases has been put together

  Abee NE02
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NUC is the short form of Next Unit of Computing, a mini personal computer created by Intel. What we will talk about here is not the PC though, but its case.

NUC isn't really that odd in terms of design. Indeed, it is as much of a box as any other rectangular item.

Thus, Abee figured the mini PC could use all the help it can get, and while it can't exactly take liberties with it, it can allow customers to do it themselves.

The company has launched two sets of replacement cases for the Intel NUC: Acubic NE01 and NE02.

The former are called NE01, have an edgy design and measure 125 x 111 x 41 mm (4.92 x 4.37 x 1.61 inches), while the latter are curvier and measure 126 x 111 x 42 mm (4.96 x 4,37 x 1.65 inches).

That makes a total of 10 cases (five in each line), all of them with VESA mount support and front USB ports. They sell for around $99 / 76-99 Euro.


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