Intel Launches Celeron 927UE, 1020E and 1047UE Ivy Bridge CPUs

They are single- and dual-core units with low TDPs and DDR3-1600 memory support

Intel trumpets press releases when it unleashes truly powerful chips or next-generation architectures, but it seems to quietly introduce central processing units all the time, something that most recently happened a few days ago.

As shown by the refreshed chip lineup, the company has introduced three new Celeron-series central processing units.

As the title says, they are called Celeron 927UE, 1020E and 1047UE.

The Celeron 927UE is the low-end chip, featuring a single core and a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. It is the only single-core Ivy Bridge CPU so far launched.

Of course, being an embedded chip, it will still have plenty of takers, especially with the TDP (thermal design power) of just 17W.

The 1 MB L3 cache won't win it any points, but the support for DDR3/3L-1600 memory is a decent feature, as is the integrated GPU clock of 350 / 900 MHz. EM64T and VT-x virtualization technologies are mentioned as well.

The second processor, Celeron 1047UE, is an ultra low voltage unit as well, with the same 17W TDP as above in spite of the existence of 2 cores instead of one.

Speaking of cores, they run at 1.4 GHz and are backed by 2 MB of cache memory, plus the same sort of 350 / 900 MHz iGP. The memory controller is the same, however.

Finally, the Celeron 1020E is also a dual-core chip, but its higher TDP (35W) allows for slightly better performance all around.

While the cache memory is the same (2MB) and hyper-Threading technology is as absent here as it is for the others, the iGP is stronger (650 / 1000 MHz) and the clock speed is of 2.2 GHz for each x86 core.

All newcomers have the BGA package (unremovable from whatever embedded motherboard they are soldered to), but the 1020M also comes in PGA package, for Socket G2.

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