Intel Haswell Gaming Laptops Have NVIDIA GeForce 700M Graphics

The updated configurations of DevilTech and monster laptops have been discovered

People might have thought it would take longer for notebooks using Intel's fourth-generation Core CPUs to show up.

According to and Videocardz though, they have already been prepared, in anticipation of Intel's release of the Haswell CPUs.

DevilTech and Monster are just two of the companies with notebooks on the way.

It so happens that said notebooks also have NVIDIA GeForce 700M graphics processing units, or rather discrete graphics cards.

It is somewhat odd that something like this would happen when there are still months to go before Haswell arrives, but such is the situation.

As one might expect, the high-end notebooks, or at least some possible configurations, have 3D screens.

They will need special glasses to be worn, but then again so do pretty much all 3D panels today. Only some HDTVs have glasses-free tech, and they aren't perfect.

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