Intel Haswell CPUs Will Have Integrated Voltage Regulators

The VRM will no longer be built into the motherboards

With the passing of each year, motherboard makers lose more of the features they can built into their new products, and it's all AMD and Intel's fault.

The simple fact is that CPUs (central processing unit) are integrating more and more of the capabilities of mainboards.

Intel's Haswell is the chip series making the news, again. According to PCWatch, the fourth-generation processors will integrate the VRM (voltage regulator module).

The 22nm CPUs, or SoCs (system-on-chip devices), will have a built-in voltage regulator with 20 power cells.

Each power cell is an independent VR with 16 phases per cell, leading to a current of 25A and a total of 320 phases per chip.

Overclocking will become much easier this way. In fact, if all Haswell processors use this architectural element, it might become simple for owners to swiftly overclock even notebooks.

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