Intel, HP, Lenovo and Others Will Work Together on Smart TVs in 2013

There will be some emphasis on the user interface and face recognition

Since 2006, Intel and Microsoft have been doing their best to gain the loyalty of customers and service providers on the home entertainment market.

They haven't quite succeeded, but the Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) did accumulate a following, and Intel's IPTV set-top boxes (STB), at least, didn't completely fail to impress.

Nevertheless, Intel seems to have reached the conclusion that it needs help in order to score more points.

That said, a new alliance has been formed, or so a report says. Intel will collaborate with HP, Lenovo, Compal and Quanta in 2013.

Their goal is to make Smart TVs that are different, or more than just HDTVs with full PC functionality. All-in-one PCs can act that part already, after all.

Emphasis will be placed on the user interface, to the point where voice, gesture and face recognition will become default capabilities.

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