Intel Details Mobile Plans for the Second Half of 2009

Calpella and Pineview scheduled for Q3

Santa Clara, California-based Intel has just outlined the plans for its mobile computer platforms, including its successful line of netbook products, the latest CULV platform and the highly anticipated Calpella, the company's next-generation mobile platform. According to most recent details, Intel is planning to launch its new notebook platform in the third quarter of 2009, while the current netbook platform will also be updated in September, with the introduction of the Pineview CPU and the Tiger Point chipset.


According to a recent news-article on Digitimes, The chip maker's Calpella platform is scheduled to arrive in Q3 2009, focusing on notebook systems with 14-, 15.6-, 17.1-, and 18.4-inch form factors. These notebooks will be made available for prices starting at US$1,200 and will be designed for the high-end segment. With the launch of the Calpella, Intel will also reduce the prices on its Motenvina platform in order to clear out the remaining inventory.


In the ultra-thin, ultra-portable segment, targeting 12- to 13-inch notebooks, the company will continue to concentrate on its fresh CULV platform, with a main focus on its Montevina CPUs. These notebooks are targeting the US$699 to US$1100 price range and will be sold along some traditional notebooks, according to the article on Digitimes.


The chip maker's netbook platform is also expected to undergo some changes, especially for its recent Atom N280 and GN40 chipset products, which have seen a low market demand. Intel will however continue to provide its Atom and 945GSE chipset package until September this year, when the new platform is scheduled to debut. The company's next-generation netbook platform, focused on the 10-inch form factor, will be based on the upcoming Tiger Point chipset, which will be coupled with the Pineview CPU. The platform is expected to be oriented at the US$399-$599 market segment.

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