Intel Completes Core i3-2348M CPU

Unlike most other Core series CPUs released recently, it is a Sandy Bridge

Even though the world is neck-deep in Ivy Bridge central processing units, Intel is still launching Sandy Bridge units for small and medium business PCs.

The Core i3-2348M is just the latest such CPU to make it to the market, as discovered by the folks at CPU World.

Much like the Core i3-2350M, it has two cores (32 nm), 4 threads (Hyper threading), 3 MB of L3 cache, SSE4 support and AVX instructions. It also possesses Intel 64 and virtualization technologies.

Sadly, the chip does not have Turbo Boost, which means the performance is locked at the 2.3 GHz clock speed.

That leaves the Integrated graphics chip (HD 3000) as the only one with adjustable clock (650 MHz base, 1.15 GHz top).

For a processor with a thermal design power of 35W, the Core i3-2348M isn’t so bad. The price would make that clear, but it hasn't been discovered.

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