Intel CEO Paul Otellini Decides to Step Down in May 2013

After 40 years with the company, he is going to retire

Even though he hasn't decided on a replacement yet, Intel's current Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini has decided when he will say goodbye to the IT industry.

Having been with the company for the past 40 years, the man has chosen to step down from his position in May 2013.

The next six months will be used to set affairs in order, find a proper replacement and steadily transfer leadership tasks to him or her. Intel's board of directors will take into account both existing staff members as well as external candidates.

Intel is at a juncture. The PC market is declining and the tablet and phone segments are beckoning. Losing a long-acting CEO just before making the big push into ARM's turf will definitely have consequences.

Time will tell whether they will be major or minor.

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