Intel Bay Trail-T Atom Satisfies Tablet Makers

This could be the first time Atom CPUs become the preferred choice

Intel will soon release a new generation of Atom central processing units, called Bay Trail-T. The launch is set to happen in September.

Previously, Atom failed to measure up to NVIDIA's Tegra platform, Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile CPUs, and Samsung' Exynos series.

Basically, the Cortex A-series of chips form ARM had too good a performance-price ratio, and they worked well with Android and iOS too.

Now, though, companies, at least Intel's brand partners, are satisfied with the capabilities of the Bay Trail-T Atoms.

Sadly, there might be a problem: pricing. Intel currently demands $20-30 / €20-30 for every processor, and vendors want it to drop the cost to $15 / €15, otherwise they doubt they'll choose it over Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Nvidia units.

It doesn't help that whatever chips come out in September probably won't ship until October, and only Windows 8.1 will be supported. Android 4.2-compatible platforms will be released in mid-November only.

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