Intel Adds Five New CPUs to Xeon E5 Processor Range

The Xeon E5-2648L and E5-2658 embedded CPUs make their appearance

Officially introduced just the other week, Intel’s Xeon E5 processor range was quietly updated a little while ago with five new processors, two of these coming as embedded options while the other two target the OEM space.

The OEM processors, which were uncovered by CPU-World, are called the Xeon E5-1603 and E5-1607.

According to the information gathered, the Xeon E5-1603 and E5-1607 operate at 2.8GHz and 3GHz, respectively, while featuring four processing cores, a 130W TDP and 10MB of shared Level 3 cache memory.

Both of these processors are destined to be used in single-socket workstations and lack support for Intel's Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies.

Since the two E5-1600 series processors are positioned as entry-level Xeon CPUs, their prices are set accordingly, with the E5-1603 retailing for $198 (151 EUR), while the Xeon E5-1607 has a $244 (roughly 186 EUR) MSRP.

The two other chips uncovered by CPU-World are the Intel Xeon E5-2648L and E5-2658.

As mentioned previously, these target embedded systems and their base clock speeds are set at 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz, respectively with 2.1GHz and 2.4GHz maximum Turbo.

Both chips feature an eight-core design with Hyper-Threading support, 20MB of Level 3 cache, and carry 70 and 95 Watt thermal envelopes. They support all the technologies and instruction set extensions available in the Sandy Bridge-EP architecture.

Finally, the last chip to be unearthed is the octo-core Xeon E5-2689, which has a 2.6GHz base clock and 3.6GHz maximum Turbo Boost frequency. The CPU also sports 20MB of L3 cache memory and features a 115W TDP.

The official price of the Intel E5-2689 was not disclosed, but the MSRP of both the Xeon E5-2648L and E5-2658 is set at $1186, which roughly translates into about 908 EUR.

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