Intel's Atom N450 Out on January 3rd, 1.86GHz N470 Comes in March

New netbook processors

As you might have read in recent articles, Santa Clara, California-based Intel is preparing to launch a new wave of Atom processors, targeted at the low-end netbook and nettop computer segments. Part of the company's next-generation netbook platform, codenamed Pine Trail, the new CPUs are expected to power a significant number of new computer systems. On that note, it appears that we have a possible launch date for the chip maker's new Pineview-based Atom processor, designed for an upcoming wave of new netbooks, namely the Atom N450. In addition, there are leaked details on the launch date of another new Atom processor, the N470, which will boost the clock speed to 1.86GHz.


According to a recent news-article on Fudzilla, the new Atom N450 is due out on January 3, 2010, just days away from the debut of the upcoming CES 2010 consumer electronics show, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new solution packs the CPU core, memory controller and graphics on the same chip, enabling PC vendors to create new netbooks with lower power requirements. The processor will be clocked at 1.66GHz, the same as the current N280 model, but will provide a slight boost in performance, compared to the original Atom N270 available on the majority of today's netbooks.


In addition, in another report on the aforementioned website, Intel is said to be working on the launch of an increased-performance Atom, model N470, featuring a core speed of 1.86GHz and said to be scheduled for release sometime in March. Also designed for netbook systems, the new Atom N470 will sport the same 512KB cache size and will fit the same FCBGA8 socket. Intel also aims to provide its customers with an updated line of nettop or desktop Atom processors, including a new dual-core and single-core model, due out in the first days of January, the report claims.


As far as pricing goes, the new N450 is expected to become available for US$64 at launch, a US$20 increase over the current N270. The N470 will be available for a slightly increased price tag of US$75 when it will come out in March.

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