Intego VirusBarrier X6 Named Best Security Suite for Mac

As usual, ConsumerSearch determined its rating by simply looking at reviews

A web site that rates products based on reviews gathered from various sources has named Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 the best Mac security suite. Intego touts itself as the Mac security expert, and provides regular updates on its Mac security blog. The latest post acknowledges the findings by ConsumerSearch.

“ConsumerSearch has looked at reviews in the press and user reviews to determine this rating,” Intego notes. It notes that the site has “an impressive list of products analyzed and rated,” claiming it is “proud to be yet again recognized for the quality of its software.” However, not all may agree Intego’s security solutions are much of a priority to begin with, while pricing has always been somewhat of a weak spot for VirusBarrier.

“Despite the fact that most malware targets Windows, experts insist that computers running the Macintosh OS are vulnerable as well,” reads the description posted over at ConsumerSearch. “Macs that are networked to Windows systems can act as carriers for viruses, while Intel Macs running Windows on a separate partition need to be secured the same as other Windows installations. Intego makes Mac-native security software that has received plaudits for some time. The company's VirusBarrier program was known for catching plenty of viruses while taking up very little space or processing power, and NetBarrier provided Internet security.”

The site goes to outline that VirusBarrier X6 is a complete Mac security suite, because it combines those two programs. “Functions include a two-way firewall, phishing and spyware protection, and ‘dynamic code monitoring’ to detect new malware threats,” notes ConsumerResearch. “There are minor interface improvements too,” it continues. “Users and experts are pleased to note VirusBarrier X6's lower price, but this is offset by a more restrictive subscription policy. Though older, Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac (*Est. $80) still has its fans. Some critics complain, however, that the program is pricey, and that the protection provided, while excellent, is overkill for most Mac users,” ConsumerResearch concludes.

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