Installation of Diferior on Windows

A "Different and Superior" CMS

We are always looking for applications that have a high performance, multiple features, and that are easy to install and compatible with all commonly used operating systems. As far as the particular case of CMS (content management systems) goes, various choices are available, from many free or commercial projects.

In case you are looking for a simple CMS that should also provide a certain range of features and functionalities, Diferior could be a possible alternative suitable both for beginners and advanced developers. Diferior can be used for any type of website, being a multi-purpose CMS.

Diferior CMS comes with a series of special features, like a torrent tracker frontend (support is available both for private and public torrent tracker), capacity of distributing files through HTTP and FTP protocols, secure user management system and more.

The Diferior CMS setup takes place through an interactive wizard. In order to install it on a Windows operating system, you will need a web server with PHP 5.2.x or later, and MySQL 4.x or later. The latest version of WampServer meets all the requirements for the installation of Diferior.

Before beginning the installation process, a MySQL database must be created with the help of phpMyAdmin application or by using command line directives. After the wizard checks whether file permissions are set correctly for certain folders, you must provide the MySQL login data. It is recommended that the MySQL database have empty tables, otherwise you will get errors and the installation cannot continue. In the next steps, cache_lite library and Smarty templating engine presence in the current environment is checked.

During the final steps, configuration files are created and the content management system is ready to use. By logging in to the administration panel, you will be able to customize various features and to add content. Advanced developers can extend the default functionalities of this CMS by creating new modules according to their needs. In conclusion, should you want to test this CMS on your operating system, here is where you can download it from.

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