Install0us Is Shutting Down

The iPhone version of Pirate Bay forced to close for legal reasons (obviously)

The anonymous admin behind the Install0us app reveals in a post on the Installous forums that their services will no longer be available (including the upcoming version 3 of the app) within a few weeks. The reasons? Legalities, according to puy0.

“Yes, you read well, this is the end. The end of Install0us,” the respective post says. “When I started up solo,” puy0 writes, “it was for legal reasons, and that still stands: I was fed up of hiding behind other people and wanted the freedom to develop apps without being in the shadows of the law. For Install0us to offer the same services as other installer apps: browse / download / install, without providing any links to cracked materials, I thought we had something legal and legitimate to offer.”

However, it didn’t turn out that way. Install0us upset a lot of people, mainly developers whose revenues were cut down to nothing because of the piracy surrounding the Install0ous app, which acts as a browser and installer for pirated software, on jailbroken devices.

“I am at the moment already at risk, and would risk even more with the exposure that an Install0us v3 release will definitely bring me,” puy0 continues to reveal. “Call me a coward, but as I said, hiding under covers is not a life for me. Moreover, these days in my country piracy is a hot subject among politicians... I do not want to be flamed in a trial for something that I do as a hobby, and I do not want to involve any people with me in this. I am sincerely sorry to the people who followed me thinking we were legit, my honest mistake,” puy0 concludes.

Other points of interest, for faithful Install0us users, include:

- the forums will close along with the repositories featured on them in just a few weeks;

- everything will be shut down and deleted;

- Install0us v2.5, the current version of the app, will continue to run;

- Install0us 3 will not and cannot ever be released;

- the server behind Install0us 3 will also be shut down.

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