Install Kickoff KDE Menu in Kubuntu/Ubuntu

Advanced KDE Menu

I bet some of you saw the new KDE Menu that was implemented in the openSUSE 10.2 Linux distribution, and you probably immediately loved it, but you don't want to replace your Kubuntu/Ubuntu workstation with openSUSE. What can you do then? Well, I will teach you in this quick guide how to install that beautiful KDE Menu on your Kubuntu/Ubuntu Linux desktop.

The Kickoff button opens the start menu without needing a mouse click. Also, its tabs switch while moving over them or after a short pause on them. This means you can start your favorite or recently used applications and documents with a single mouse click from now on! Also, it has an advanced local search engine which will show the first few items found in every category. Examples of search items are: Email and web addresses are recognized and appropriate actions are offered; Addressbook entries within KAddressbook are searched; Applications and their descriptions are searched; Bookmarks of Konqueror are searched; Executables in your PATH; Simple sums are evaluated.

Below is a preview of Kickoff KDE Menu, if you don't know what am I talking about here, or you didn't yet see it in action.

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