Inspiring “People Are Awesome” Video for 2013 Goes Viral

Watch a mash-up of jumps, twists, shots, throws and a lot of adrenaline-filled moments

The “People Are Awesome 2013” clip was uploaded to YouTube just yesterday by Hadouken the Band and it's already over 400,000 views.

It includes a mash-up of daring jumps, twists, shots, throws and a lot of moments that will make your adrenaline levels rise. My favorite is a basketball shot that seemed like it couldn't be achieved, at around 0:42.

Basketball is not the only sport featured in the clip. Snowmobiling, football, skiing, biking, skateboarding and swimming are just a few others.

According to users' comments, there are some clips in this compilation that are not exactly the real thing. Nevertheless, the video looks and feels professionally edited, and the shots are well synced with the tune.

'Levitate' by Hadouken is playing in the background, helping give the clip a gravity-defying sensation.

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