Insiders Say Both iPad 3 and Apple TV Refresh Launching in March

People with knowledge of Apple’s plans say there will be two product announcements

“Reliable sources” are confirming to a Mac-centric publication that Apple’s rumored March 7 event will include not only the iPad 3, but also a new Apple TV refresh.

These sources are telling 9to5mac that Apple is launching the codenamed J33 Apple TV alongside the new iPad 3.

A “mystery accessory” will be introduced (codenamed B82) which might just be a Bluetooth 4.0 remote for the new Apple TV, according to the report.

There will be three next-generation iPad variants available for sale shortly after the March event, one of which may only arrive in a single color (black or white).

The publication speculates that it’s possible for Apple to release at least one iPad 3 model with 128GB of Flash storage.

Finally, the same well informed people are saying that “next-generation iPad shipments are already landing at ports of multiple countries around the world,” which means availability can be expected relatively soon, following the announcement.

The iPad 3 is expected to launch with a Retina display capable of outputting some amazing graphics (thanks to a new A-series chip) on a 2048x1536 pixel matrix with 260 ppi (pixels per inch).

The tablet is said to be slightly thicker than the current-generation models, and that it will boast a better camera, at least on the back (for shooting video and photos). Numerous parts have leaked recently confirming all the above specs, and more.

As for the Apple TV refresh, it is widely believed Apple wants to include an HD screen this time around. The set-top box days aren’t over (especially if you look at products like Roku and Boxee), but if anyone can revamp this type of entertainment with a single announcement, it’s Apple.

The next Apple television is rumored to have Siri integration to allow users to control the device with their voice.

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