Inside Rihanna’s New $12 Million (€9 Million) Mansion

Singer acquires new digs, moves into very select neighborhood

Rihanna is getting ready to move into her new digs, after dropping a serious amount of cash on a new mansion in the Pacific Palisades. Photos of the mansion have emerged online – and it’s nothing short of impressive.

X17 Online has them, together with a more detailed report on the impressive piece of real estate.

“Rihanna is the proud owner of an 11,000 square-foot mansion in the Pacific Palisades,” the paparazzi agency / celebrity e-zine writes.

She paid $12 million (€9 million) for it but, according to Inquisitr, for this kind of money, she will get to move in a very select neighborhood, which also houses the likes of Heidi Klum and Tom Brady.

“RiRi's digs boasts 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, top range kitchen, dining room with a 14-foot ceiling, media rooms, outdoor BBQ and bar area, swimming pool, a 6,000 square-foot back garden, a sun deck, 4-car garage, a hot tub and stunning panoramic views of the city,” X17 further says.

Talk about a splaying estate indeed.

These days, Rihanna isn’t just making the news for buying another home (her second this year, the first was a gift to her mother), but also for her on-and-off relationship with Chris Brown.

Though she denied on Oprah that they were still together, Rihanna’s Twitter feed is the best indication that the two reconciled. She even posted photos of them in bed together, so there can be little doubt as to the state of their relationship.

The other day, though, she started posting very angry tweets, as rumors were picking up that Chris had cheated on her – ironically, with the same woman he dumped to get back with Rihanna, Karrueche Tran.

Unofficially, the two are on a break now, with Rihanna even tweeting that she was enjoying “single life” because it allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

At least now she can do so in the comfort of her huge new home.

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