Inside Lindsay Lohan’s Bedroom on Million Dollar Decorators – Video

Preview for January episode airs, gets people giggling

A couple of weeks ago, word got out that Lindsay Lohan had signed a deal with Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators so that she could get her new, rented mansion fixed up for free. She bailed on the show right before the big reveal but, as it turns out, her episode will still air.

That would be the same mansion that Lindsay can no longer afford to pay rent for.

Below is the recently released preview for Lohan’s episode, which will air in early January – to kick off the New Year with a smile.

The video is already getting lots of giggles online, if only for Lindsay’s taste in home decorations: Chanel purses can substitute for anything else you might imagine to see in a home. Also, a mirrored bed.

“Lindsay Lohan is a legitimate client of Kathryn Ireland and as part of our show, we follow the redecorating process,” Bravo says in a statement about the decision to air the episode.

“Lindsay was not available for the reveal shoot, but we were still able to capture the outcome, just like we do for many of the reveal episodes. The final reveal will be featured in the last episode of the season on January 8,” a spokesperson for the network adds.

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