Insane Amount of Apps-Gone-Free on Apple’s Mac App Store

Nine free apps to download from Apple, some slashed from as much as $15/€14

Apple’s Mac App Store is featuring a large number of applications that are now offered free of charge by their developers. Some used to sell for as much as $15 / €14, which begs the question: why the sudden change of heart?

There can be any number of reasons, from the upcoming Black Friday (a sale day in America), to personal reasons, such as a developer who recently won the lottery and decided he’d no longer have to charge money for his / her app.

Whichever the cause for this mass generosity on behalf of Apple’s developer ecosystem, we’re more than happy to report on it.

And you should be more than happy to take advantage. Head below for the goods. You’re welcome!

Notebox – a simple note taking application which comes with the ability to add folders, fonts and color.

NewsBee – a minimalist RSS reader that lives in your status bar and checks for news on an hourly basis.

Monster RPG 2 – a pixelated fantasy quest game that lets you take a simple villager and develop her into a hero with the power to save her world.

Recent Redux – a tool that keeps track of files and folders that have been recently used on your computer.

Recent Menu – a menubar item that shows recently-accessed files and folders on your Mac.

App Switch – when using the Command (⌘)+Tab function your mouse will automatically appear in the middle of the screen in the frontmost application.

SuperGenPass – a native password generator based on the SuperGenPass algorithm.

Around the World in 80 Days (Premium) – an adventure game with a neat storyline, animations and challenging puzzles.

Hewbo PDF to PowerPoint Converter – a useful and easy-to-use PDF to PPTX Converter.

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