Insane 145-Inch 8K Resolution TV Causes Much Staring (Video)

There really isn't much anyone can say that can do it justice

4K resolution hasn't even started to come into its own yet, but TV makers are showing off the next great step anyway: 8K.

Panasonic figured it might as well add another reason for people to gape: a huge size. It even got NHK to help.

The result was a 8K PDP Super Hi Vision television set (plasma technology) that measures 145 inches in diagonal and is, quite frankly, too good for the video footage and TV broadcast quality available today.

At 7680 x 4320 pixels (33.2 megapixels), it is the closest thing to an indoor cinema screen, and the detail in the images is so high that it almost looks like 3D even though it isn't.

The video embedded above was shot by the folks at MobileGeeks, who were on site at CEATEC, where Panasonic had the incredible piece of work on show.

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