Innovative GODUS Game Needs More Kickstarter Pledges, Mac Support Confirmed

An immersive reinvention of Populous, the original god game by Peter Molyneux

22Cans and Peter Molyneux have some great news to share with the Apple fan base. An innovative reinvention of Populous (the original god game) called GODUS is coming to OS X and iOS delivering “exciting global co-operation, competition, creation and destruction.”

There’s just one catch though. To get the game out, 22Cans needs roughly £450,000 / $725,000 / €560,000. Over half of that sum has been raised on Kickstarter thanks to the help of 8,981 backers (at the time of this writing).

With 9 days left, we wouldn’t be inclined to say things are looking good for the project.

Gamers who are always looking for the most original titles may want to look into GODUS and consider pledging a small sum to help it with the liftoff.

Sir Peter Molyneux says, “The dream at 22cans is to make gaming meaningful. We want to engage people in fresh new ways with accessible, delightful games and experiences.”

The startup is calling these games “experiments,” and the first one has already been released – Curiosity – what’s inside the cube.

22Cans is taking what it’s learned from it and applying it to future projects. The next such step is GODUS, says the company.

The game has players sculpting the land to create a habitable environment for a population of believers.

“In your crafted utopia you can grow as a god in the face of various challenges that affect the population. You can watch hundreds of individual followers live out their lives with dynamic and captivating behavior,” reads the synopsis.

“If you choose to spread out and conquer more lands however, you will confront other gods with their own civilizations of followers.

“There is only room for one god, so prepare to guide your worshippers into battle by altering the world around them with your god powers, then watch your followers reign victorious across the world,” according to 22Cans.

Visit the project’s Kickstarter page here for more information.

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