Innodisk Creates Special Isolating Coating for DRAM Modules

It makes the memory waterproof and resistant to dust, among other things

It's not all that important for consumer memory to be particularly resistant to water or heat/cold, since PC owners aren't likely to live in damp rooms, but the conditions of industrial systems might vary based on various factors, so Innodisk has moved to safeguard RAM against the elements.

Which is to say, Innodisk has invented a coating for DRAM modules, one that will protect memory modules from water, dust and chemical contaminants.

The conformal coating is made of a layer of chemicals (so yes, chemicals protect against chemicals) applied to the surface of the DRAM module.

The protective film can be 0.03 to 0.13 mm thick, depending on materials used and the demands of the application.

The conformal coating is included in the production process and, in addition to moisture and contaminants, defends the RAM from acid, dust, alkaline materials, and issues caused by electrical or thermal conduction, plus static electricity and heat.

All this is in line with IPC-A-610 standards for electronic components.

Thus, those ordering memory from Innodisk will enjoy “greater reliability, superior service life, improved performance, and reduced total cost of ownership.” That's how the company itself put it anyhow.

And it does have a point, since it reduces the frequency of need for repair and maintenance, and, by extension, costs.

The material Innodisk uses come from HumiSeal, a primary world supplier of such substances. The coating is processed and applied at Innodisk's in-house production facility. In addition to cutting on work-related risks and wear, it will protect the DRAM from contamination or damage that often occurs during transportation and third-party handling.

Here are the fields where Innodisk's memory is likely to serve best: defense & aerospace (with conformal coatings that observe MIL-I-46058C standards), outdoor signage (conformal-coated DRAM modules help systems withstand wind, rain and direct sunlight), embedded vehicle applications, factory automation, etc.

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