Inmates in Thailand Go Gangnam Style – Video

A dance contest was organized in an effort to reduce violence in the Thai prison

About 100 convicts at the Bangkok Remand Prison dance to the hit song Gangnam Style, in an effort to reduce violence in the Thai prison.

As you can see in the clip, the prisoners dress up, even cross-dress during this stress-relieving exercise, to celebrate Korean rapper Psy’s concert in Thailand. This is actually the rapper's first show in Asia, outside his native country.

The video was taken during a week-long “Gangnam Style” dance contest, but not everyone was allowed to participate.

ABC News explains that only those inmates whose sentences were under seven years could dress up and dance to PSY. Prisoners awaiting trial could also participate.

Putting on the show sounds like a very good idea, as it gets them involved in a group routine and allows them to blow off some steam.

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