A Woman Injured by Another Exploding Cell Phone Battery

The problem of fake batteries "made in China" is getting serious

One more person has been seriously injured by a cellular battery which exploded a few days ago. This time, we are talking about a young Vietnamese woman and only minor injuries.

All the world was shocked a week ago to find out that a man had been killed after his phone battery exploded in the pocket of his shirt. In this situation, the fact that the man worked in welding might the plausible argument that the handset had been exposed to excessive heat. In such conditions, batteries are known to explode, although an event, taking on such proportions, had never happened before.

Motorola and Nokia have taken stand in this matter, as the events concerned batteries on their phone models. Safety tests have been made in order to determine whether the handsets coming from these companies are safe or not. Results have shown that they are actually prone to explode under certain conditions, including extreme heat.

The two mobile phone producers reacted to these conclusions by saying that the batteries used during the safety tests were actually fake. Moreover, the real problem which has led to such consequences is the extent that the market of counterfeit products has taken over the years in China.

Starting with clothes, DVDs and now even mobile phone batteries, a large number of products have been produced here under the name of famous brands, although with no agreement made for that. The result has been that of poor quality and little concern for customer satisfaction in most of the products.

It is the same thing with mobile phone batteries. An estimated number of 80 percent of all tested batteries have failed in meeting the quality and safety standards. Motorola and Nokia say that they play no part in this production and are now looking for ways to prevent people from using fake batteries on their phone models.

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