Inhon Releases Carbon Tablet With Shape-Determined Performance

It has a different prowess level in tablet form than in laptop form

The idea of “hybrids” has been around for ages, and technology has definitely built upon it, leading to the creation of many devices with mixed purposes and capabilities, like Inhon's latest tablet.

The newcomer is called Carbon Tablet and, very loosely, resembles the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, which can also bend backwards, although it is a fused design instead of a tablet+dock one.

Nevertheless, Carbon can turn from tablet to laptop form factors without needing a rotating, damageable hinge.

Inhon's tablet runs Windows 8 and will need owners to attach the Touch Cover-like keyboard and trackpad combo themselves.

Aesthetically, we might say that it isn't quite on par with Lenovo's creation, but the differences aren't major.

In any case, the convertible design is just one of the things we had to draw attention to. The other one is more important: changeable performance.

Inhon decided the device didn't need to be all that powerful when in tablet form, but that its laptop form would have to work as well as possible.

That is why, when alone, the slate it runs is slower in order to stay quiet, but when it is linked to the dock it pushes the core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 CPU to full power.

The cooling fan inside picks up speed when Turbo Boost speeds come into play as well.

All in all, it isn't as strange a way of dividing performance standards as on 18.4-Inch Android desktop-tablet from ASUS, but it is still unusual.

For those who need a rundown of what that device is characterized by, the short answer is a modular design. The display of the all-in-one is actually a Tegra 3 Android tablet when removed from the “dock” but relays the Intel-Windows configuration when connected to the stand.

Inhon Carbon will have a price between NT $29,999 and NT $39,999 / US $1,007 to $1,343 / 770 – 1,028 Euro.

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