Infographic: The Hobbit – Unexpected Cruelty

PETA shows exactly how animals were harmed and abused while filming The Hobbit

It has not been very long since the news that as many as 27 animals died during the shooting of The Hobbit as a result of human negligence made headlines.

However, green-oriented group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) feels that neither Peter Jackson, nor Warner Bros., nor New Line Cinema has come to understand that they were the ones responsible for the wellbeing of those animals and that they owe people some explanations.

“Instead of coming clean and vowing to prevent future deaths by improving animal treatment on set or not using animals in film at all, they all chose to avoid and deny some of the allegations,” reads PETA's official website.

Because of this, the organization has decided to piece together this infographic, whose sole purpose is that of raising awareness with respect to how the movie industry must be made to pay closer attention to the ways in which film animals are treated.

“Share with friends and family, and if you happen to see Peter Jackson around town, make sure he sees it, too. Maybe this time he'll get it,” PETA urges.

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