Infographic: Pierce Brosnan Was Deadliest James Bond of All

However, it was Roger Moore who really knew his way around with the ladies

“Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond installment, is merely weeks from theatrical release. As the slick, handsome and dangerous 007 spy turns 50 (that’s years of on-screen activity), it’s time to have a look at all the actors who played him.

The Daily Mail (with assistance from the Press Association Graphic) has set out to the not at all easy task of comprising the above infographic, which ranks all James Bonds in the franchise’s 50 years with the aim of determining the most deadly and the most successful with the ladies.

We all know that 007 was (almost) unbeatable in combat and a charmer no woman could resist, but who was the best of the best? Who killed the most bad guys and bedded the most ladies? If you ever wondered about that, this infographic might provide the answer.

Despite appearances, it’s neither Sean Connery nor Daniel Craig who come out on top in both categories, but Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore.

Click on the image above to see how they all rank.

Brosnan has 76 kills on his record, while Moore 20 women kissed. By comparison, Connery totals 51 kills and 18 women, while Craig, the latest Bond, merely 25 kills and 4 women. By comparison, he's almost a monk.

Granted, Craig still has plenty of time to compensate on both counts: “Skyfall” is released this fall and he’s already contractually bound to another 3 more movies.

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