Infographic: Gangnam Style vs. Justin Bieber for Internet Supremacy

South-Korean pop star Psy dethrones The Biebs in 2012, but won’t last long

The other day, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” broke yet another record, hitting the 1 billion mark on YouTube, precisely on what was supposed to be Earth’s last day. Fortunately, the Apocalypse didn’t hit, but the end for Justin Bieber’s supremacy online has come.

The infographic above (click to enlarge), courtesy of WordStream, shows the many ways in which Psy beat The Biebs at what was once his own game – for those who don’t know, Bieber became internationally famous on social media first.

Now, the teen heartthrob has been schooled by the energetic and outrageous Psy, in more ways than one.

The good news for Bieber is that, even though he got aced by Psy as far as social media exposure and celebrity support are concerned, he still gets a better grade in the staying power / strength of fandom area.

In other words, chances are Psy is just a flash in the pan, whereas Bieber has a very loyal fanbase that will continue to buy his music in the years to come. Psy’s next move is of vital importance at this point, useless to say.

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